Technique is a very important part of riding. If you have good technique it makes dressage, showjumping and cross country a lot easier.

Here are some tips for good technique :)

  • Sit up straight and tall
  • Use your voice. (it calms the horse)
  • You are the leader not the dictator
  • Keep your heels slightly down
  • Keep your head up
  • If you fall, don’t get back up on your horse unless you feel confident and you are not hurt.



I am a 14 year old (almost 15) from Australia; Tasmania. I love horses and horse riding and that is why I am sharing my passion with you. I used to have horse riding lessons every weekend but then my instructor tragically died. I have done some more lessons here and there but I don’t do lessons every weekend.

I own two beautiful horses, Wick and Sandy. Sandy is the palomino and Wick is the chestnut Thoroughbred. Wick was trained as a racehorse but was too slow and was never entered in any races. Whereas Sandy was a young pony who grew up on an apricot farm. He was very shy, skittish and did not get along with the other horses. We got him for free and he has turned into a great little pony with a little bit of love and training.

Anyway that is enough of an introduction hope you enjoy the rest of my blog. (You can also go check out my YouTube channel, the account is in my name so just search Anna-Kaisa Jumppanen-Allen.)